Sunday, July 31, 2011

Entertaining & Dinner Party Ideas !

Whether welcoming guests or visiting others, eating will definitely be part of the festivities.

Dessert.Net Cafe created this Planning a Small Party blog to assist you with everything from the dinner menu, desserts, wine pairings and beverage recipes,table setting and decor, party favors and more.

There are so many great place to where you can research all about hosting a delightful Dinner Party, on the internet.  We'll give you some of the better sites we've found that should help you get started.

Served before the main course, the appetizer sets the mood for the occasion right along with the decor, music and lighting. For some wonderful ideas, we chose Martha Stewart's selections. Quick and easy recipes that are sure to have your guests nibbling and chatting.

Deciding you dinner menu should start with who your guests will be and what their diets and preferences are.  What's Cooking America has a broad menu page that should really get your mouth watering and the wheels turning on selecting the perfect dinner menu.

As with the meal itself, choosing desserts takes planning too.  You want to be sure that the desserts compliment the meal, and of course will be complimented by the wine or beverages.  Naturally, you don't want these to clash on the palate.  Even the most delectable meals, desserts and wines, when improperly paired can leave your guests...well, with a bad taste in their mouths.

  • Go for the gold with our 23k Edible Gold Strawberries.  Strawberry and chocolate lovers will be glad you did.  Beautifully decorated to add elegance to any dinner party. 
  • Over 30 delectable sweet treats to WOW your guests.  Try our chocolate covered grapes, pretzels, grahams, oreo's, strawberries and cherries.
  • Everyone knows that our cake balls really are addictive!.   We offer French, Tropical, Specialty, and Liqueur cake balls.  These beautifully dipped and decorated double-bites of cake dipped in premium chocolates are a sure hit.  Guests can enjoy as few or many as they prefer. Over 100 signature flavors to choose from.
  • Our MINI Bundts are a must-have for any celebration, large or small.  All of our southern and liqueur cakes are available in single-serving mini bundt sizes.  A beautiful, unique, variety to offer all your guests.
Everything here can be ordered online and delivered directly to you, your personal party planner, or venue.  Need more information? Visit our websites Party Resources page for even more stuff.

If cost is not nearly as important as quality, here's a must-read for Wine & Dessert Pairings from THE NIBBLE. For more detailed Wine Pairing tips, visit Beiringer Wines - a personal favorite!

The Dinner Party Planning Site is a nice and complete resource of information dedicated to Dinner Parties.  There is everything here from setting the mood, etiquette, themes, and then some.

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